Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania

Melody Carlson
Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon

Melody Carlson is the best-selling author of more than 150 books for readers of all ages. When she’s not busy writing award-winning fiction and nonfiction, Melody enjoys the Cascade Mountains surrounding her hometown .… More>


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Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon

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Melody Carlson
Hope Bartolli has avoided Sisters for years—both her hometown of Sisters, Oregon, and her two sisters who live there. But when the thirty-two-year-old corporate lawyer returns home to attend her beloved grandmother’s funeral, she’s surprised to learn that she has inherited Nona’s old house, her little dog, Andy, and an unexpected friendship with Nona’s handsome attorney. If she had any hopes of burying the hatchet with her sisters, these “gifts” from Nona aren’t going to help. Hope wants more out of life—but is she willing to take the risks to get it? And can she trust her family to stand by her side?


September 2009
5 3/16" x 8"
320 Pages / Paperback
Fiction/ General/ Romance
ISBN 978-1-935416-18-0


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