Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho

Janelle Mowery
Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho

Janelle Mowery is the award-winning author of two novels, with five more set to release in 2011. She and her husband of twenty-one years have two sons and make their home in Texas.  More>



Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho

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Pamela Griffin
It’s 1869, and chaos rules Silver City. As Rebekah Weaver recovers from an accident that has left her badly burned, she worries that her father’s handsome new assistant won’t see past her scarred exterior. Deputy Marshal Nathaniel Kirkland is working undercover to investigate a series of explosions in the mines and businesses of Silver City. When ominous notes begin appearing on townspeople’s doors, Nate needs Rebekah’s help to uncover the identity of the perpetrator. As they work together, Nate begins to speculate that Rebekah’s “accident” was really a case of intentional sabotage—and that she might still be in danger.


5 x 8
320 Pages/Paperback
ISBN 978-1-60936-005-4
Available October 2010


Lay-Flat Paperback
Larger, easily readable text font