Love Finds You in Groom, Texas

Janice Hanna
Love Finds You in Groom, Texas

JANICE HANNA (also published as Janice A. Thompson) has published more than thirty novels plus devotionals, magazine … More>




Love Finds You in Groom, Texas

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Janice Hanna
The year is 1914, and Jake O’Farrell has gained an unusual reputation among the locals. He’s played the roles of groomsman and best man in all four of his older brothers’ weddings, but he’s never been able to find the right woman to capture his heart. And with the upcoming wedding of his best friend, Jake will become the last single man in the town of Groom.

Anne Denning has made the difficult decision to move with her sisters to Dallas, but just outside of Amarillo, a train derailment forces them and the other passengers to seek shelter in nearby Groom. Mrs. O’Farrell, hopeful that at least one of the Denning sisters will catch her youngest son’s eye, invites the girls to stay at her home until the train is ready to pull out. Anne has no clue of the blissful chaos that lies ahead!


5 x 8
320 Pages/Paperback
ISBN 978-1-60936-006-1
Available June 2011


Lay-Flat Paperback
Larger, easily readable text font